It's All About You

1 Month = 1 year

A month on the soi, away from distractions, can be as transformative as a year at the gym. Just as the gym sculpts the body, the soi shapes the soul through immersive community based village-like combat and fitness experiences, fostering personal growth, resilience, and deep connections. This unified immersion allows for profound self-exploration, providing clarity amidst the absence of digital noise and routine. Both journeys, one physical and the other experiential, offer lasting opportunities for self-discovery and development.


Our Mission

"Our mission is to create a happier world, one traveler at a time, by offering distinctive no distraction combat and fitness journeys that empower individuals to transform their lives and discover their full potential."

You are, we are Soi

The world is a better place with a happier you.

- beach traning

Turn your workout into a beach party in Phuket, where sandy toes, salty air, and fitness fun unite for an unbeatable coastal sweat session!

- big buddha runs

Join the Big Buddha run in Phuket and chase your personal best while taking in breathtaking views, all with the majestic Big Buddha as your running buddy!

- adventurous meals

Discover the joy of delicious yet affordable meals across The Soi, where every bite is a delightful healthy adventure in itself.

- explore with The Soi

Exploring Phuket with The Soi community is like a never ending treasure hunt, where hidden gems, stunning vistas, and unforgettable experiences await around EVERY corner! No day is the same.

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